Massage Therapy Enhancements

Enhancements can be added to any massage or energy treatment. Your massage or energy treatment is fitted to your specific needs during each appointment, but think of enhancements like icing on the cake...making your experience uniquely yours and different every time.

Enhancement iconAdd enhancements when you schedule your appointment

Enhancements can be added when you check out by clicking on the appropriate box. If you have questions about enhancements, ask during your next appointment.

Moist Heat Pads……….$5
Moist heat soothes and loosens the muscles so the therapist can work more deeply.

Scents can alleviate anxiety, reduce headaches and and other aches and pains, increase energy and so much more. We have lots to pick from! Your therapist will ask about your needs before they begin and together you can chose.

CBD Oil……….$10 
Known to decrease inflammation, help with pain soreness, increase relaxation, and decrease stress and anxiety. And no…your skin won’t be high. (Wink) 

Yep…that thing that Olympic swimmer dude did! But WHY? Cupping can loosen muscles, open up the myofascia layer, increase blood flow, and calm the nervous system. It can be used to relieve back and neck pain, headaches, migraines, fatigue, anxiety and arthritis. (Not guaranteed to lead to gold medals.)

Myofascial Release……….$10
(With Heather, Krystal and Eric Only) For Chronic pain areas, this technique is slow, gentle release focusing on the fascia. Meditative, the position is held 2-5 minutes to allow for the body to unwind.

Assisted Stretching……….$10
(With Heather, Krystal and Eric Only.) To help relieve pain, lengthen/stretch the muscles after being massaged to gain Range of Motion.

Abdominal Massage……….$10
(With Heather Hart Only) Working with the belly can help a variety of digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, low back pain and improves digestion.

Manifestation Tattoo……….$5
(With Heather Hart and Krystal Taylor Only.) Tattoos can be simply beautiful buy many cultures used and still use them to set powerful intentions. We can help you figure out which word is right for you and then we apply the temporary tattoo before the massage, giving you time to meditate on what you’ve chosen.

Oracle Card Pull……….$5
(With Krystal Taylor and Heather Hart Only) Ask a question directly or allow the cards to decide what you need to hear. We will pull a card for you before your massage so you can allow it to speak to you during your quiet time on the table.

Post-Massage Meditative Time-15 Minutes……….$10
Time to lay on the table after your massage to chill! Because transitions are hard!