Massage Therapy Enhancements

Enhancements can be added to any massage or energy treatment. Your massage or energy treatment is fitted to your specific needs during each appointment, but think of enhancements like icing on the cake...making your experience uniquely yours and different every time.

Enhancement iconAdd enhancements when you schedule your appointment

Enhancements can be added when you check out by clicking on the appropriate box. If you have questions about enhancements, ask during your next appointment.

CBD Oil ($10) Our Most Popular Enhancement
If you’ve not tried this yet, you should! It’s our most popular add-on for a reason: people freaking love it! Proven to decrease inflammation, help with pain, increase relaxation, and decrease stress via topical application without getting your skin high. ((wink))

Theragun ($10) Our Second Most Popular
This is a favorite of some of our therapists even for themselves! You’ll see it also referred to as a percussion gun, as it creates a vibrational effect deep into the muscles. It can help relax those extra tight muscles, break up scar tissue and adhesions, and minimize post-workout muscle soreness and tension. This is another add-on where communication is key so the therapist does not overly apply pressure.

Aromatherapy ($5)
We have a large selection of scents that can do everything from alleviating anxiety to reducing headache to increasing energy and decreasing aches and pains and so much more. You and your therapist can chat a bit to clarify what you’re needing and they’ll make suggestions. You can even do the sniff test and just see what you like that day!

Biofreeze ($5)
Inflammation can be decreased with this cool therapy applied at the end of your massage. It will help relieve those post-massage aches, pains, and inflammation. If you tend to get sore after a deep tissue massage, we recommend this enhancement for you!

Herbal Select Foot Therapy ($5)
If you stand on your feet all day, those aching pups deserve some extra love! This peppermint and lemon peel by Biotone will freshen and soften your feet while the scent soothes and energizes, waking you and your feet right up!

Moist Heat Pads ($5)
If you’re needing extra intense work, the therapist can apply moist heat to soothe, relax, and loosen your muscles. Moist heat acts differently on the muscles than dry heat; it sinks into the deeper layers of the muscles rather than staying warm just on the surface. 

Sombra Warm Therapy Gel ($5)
This pain relief gel is used during the massage. It warms the muscles from the inside out and allows the muscles to more deeply relax which decreases possible pain. Great for arthritic joints.

Assisted Stretching ($10)
Pain creates tension in the body which often leads to less usage of muscles and joints, and though massage relieves much of that tension, it can be helpful to follow the massage with assisted stretching to lengthen the muscles and reestablish range of motion that may have been compromised. 

Please let us know ahead of time that you want assisted stretching added, and let us know if you want to focus on upper or lower body. When booking online, put this in the notes. 

For lower body assisted stretching, it can be helpful if you wear a pair of shorts or yoga pants.

Abdominal Massage ($10)
Bloating, constipation, slow digestion, and low back pain can all be helped with focused belly work.

We understand that this is an intimate area. The top sheet will be pulled down to the top of your hips. Additionally, for women, a scarf or pillowcase will be placed over the upper part of the torso. This area is often overlooked or avoided because of the intimacy of it, but it is a huge piece of the missing puzzle in experiencing the full benefits of bodywork. Many of the trigger points in the ab muscles go straight through to the back, so if just massaging the back isn’t getting it, you might want to try adding this to see if it helps!

Cupping ($10): Superficial or Deep (See additional descriptions)
That Olympic swimmer dude, Michael Phelps, swears by cupping as part of his recovery regimen. We can’t guarantee an Olympic gold medal, but we can guarantee that it will loosen your muscles, open up the myofascial layer, increase blood flow, and calm your nervous system. Seems pretty good, right? We use this to help relieve back and neck pain, headaches, migraines, fatigue, anxiety, and arthritis. (Please discuss with your therapist the approach you want to take.)

SUPERFICIAL CUPPING: Less likely to leave any kind of marking on the body, the cups are moved slowly over the body, gently pulling the skin away from the muscle, opening up the superficial fascia. If we find sticky areas or trigger points, we can then do some deep cupping if you want.

DEEP CUPPING: When we find those trigger points, we can place the cups and leave them for 10 or 15 minutes. While they sit, we will continue to work on other areas or leave you just to be. Again, discuss this with your therapist.

PLEASE NOTE: Deep cupping will leave marks but it is not bruising. Cupping marks are stagnant blood or cellular debris that are brought to the surface for the lymphatic system to clear away. The stagnant blood or cellular debris is there as a result of past or present injury or illness. Bruises can hurt to the touch. Cupping marks do not.

Myofascial Release/Trigger Point ($10)
Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber, and muscle in place. The tissue does more than provide internal structure; fascia has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin. Often it’s fascia that is causing your pain, and so for chronic pain areas, we offer this slow and gentle release technique. Meditative, a position is held for 2 to 5 minutes to allow time for the body to unwind.

Trigger points are more concentrated areas of tension in the fascia, creating an almost knot-like area that sensitive hands can find. Pressure is then placed in just the right way and the right amount to encourage the knot to release and melt away.

PLEASE NOTE: Communication is extra important for this technique. Your therapist needs feedback from you when they find any point that is tender, burning, and/or referring pain to or pulling from someplace else. Please never hesitate to speak up.