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If you already know what gift certificate you’re looking for or you’re a gift certificate pro, just click that lovely purple button, Buy Gift Certificates Now, at the top of this page. You got this!

If you’re somewhat new here, there are many ways you can buy gift certificates, including just pushing that purple button up there and poking around.

If buying online seems at all confusing to you, or you have any questions about what to purchase, or you just don’t like using online purchasing, you can still call us — or drop by —  during office hours and talk to a human. We highly recommend calling before you drop by due to fluctuating office hours. You can find our hopeful office hours here*. We’re happy to talk you through it all or just take care of you person to person.

(*Please note that office hours are distinct from massage hours.)

Once you complete your purchase, you can email it or text it, print it out, or have a gift card mailed (give that about 5 to 7 days to be delivered).

Our most popular massages are listed first, but you can get a gift certificate for any of our services. Go to our services drop-down menu to see the full range of what we have to offer. Of course, we have our traditional therapeutic massage, but there’s also express, thai, and yep… canine. (At A Compassionate Hart Massage Therapy, we never leave the dogs out.)

You can also choose a dollar amount for your gift, and your lucky recipient can then apply that to whatever service(s) they want!

When purchasing a gift certificate, you might also consider adding on some extra to cover some of our add-ons. Our top two client favorite add-ons are the Plant-Based Oil and the Theragun, but we have much more, including aromatherapy, Biofreeze, assisted stretching, heat pads, herbal select foot therapy, Sombra warm therapy gel, abdominal massage, cupping, and trigger point therapy.

Happy shopping!

Photo of gift certificates
Photo of gift certificates