Nelly Khilchuk, LMT

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Nelly Khilchuk

Licensed Massage Therapist

Practicing Since 2022

Nelly is new to the United States, having moved here just five years ago from Ukraine. As you can imagine, her life has completely changed in that short time, and she is really proud of herself for everything she has accomplished. At the young age of 20, no less!

Now she’s focusing on living her best life and enjoying every moment. Massage therapy is a huge part of her happiness and she is glad to have landed at A Compassionate Hart.

Sun Sign

“I’m Sagittarius, which is a mutable sign, meaning it is associated with adaptability and flexibility. It’s also notorious for its signature bluntness. Their “brutal honesty” is definitely something I can relate to in my personality.”


Favorite Playlist

“While doing massages, I like to listen to LoFi music. LoFi stands for “low fidelity.”  In my personal time, I listen to more Ukrainian/Russian music.”

Elemental Association

FIRE… which is part of my Sagittarius nature. Because Sagittarius is mutable fire, it means that the fire traits in Sagittarius spread, flow, and change. I am totally that.”

Get to know Nelly even better…


If you could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive, who would they be and what would you talk about? Where and what would you be eating?

“At first, I would definitely have dinner with my mom. I haven’t seen her in a year so I think we would just talk and talk about everything. My mom loves sushi so we would probably get that for dinner at home. Second person will be my crush, because why not? What if he’s the one! We are going to talk about our future together while eating a good steak at a fancy restaurant. The third person will be my English teacher from Ukraine. Ii’m gonna ask her only one question: why was she trying to fail me in that class? And we will not eat anything because vacation is soon! ((ha))”

If you could not be a massage therapist, what other job do you have DAY DREAMS of doing?

“If I can’t be a massage therapist, I’m going to pursue my destiny as a Ukrainian girl and I’m going to be a stay home mom.”

Nelly Khilchuk smiling in front of a painting on a light purple wall.