Ryan Logan, LMT

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Melissa Hopkins massaging a client.

Ryan Logan

Licensed Massage Therapist

Practicing Since 2022

A recent graduate of Great Lakes Massage Therapy School and a newly licensed massage therapist, Ryan is originally from Chicago. Jumping from one lake to the next, he moved to Erie in 2017.

Ryan has a four year degree in illustration from the American Academy of Art College in Chicago and has worked as a professional artiste! But during the pandemic, he realized, like a lot of us, that he wanted to add a new challenge to his life and try something different – but something he had felt called to in the past by friends and family who told him he had “intuitive hands” whenever he gave them a shoulder massage.

Once he started studying massage, he felt certain he’d found an additional passion and another way to help people even more directly.

In his spare time (when is that!?), he loves to read, especially science fiction and crime fiction. And he’s a gamer who loves when a game has a deep and sprawling story. You’d also find him using his art skills in model kit work.

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If you could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive, who would they be and what would you talk about? Where and what would you be eating?

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If you could not be a massage therapist, what other job do you have DAY DREAMS of doing?

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