Therapeutic Massage

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Massage Therapy: What exactly are we doing?

All massage is therapeutic in one way or another, but there are different approaches and techniques that our therapists employ to help you get your unique desired outcomes.

Some people want to leave a massage feeling like they’ve gotten everything squeezed out of them like a washcloth, and some people want to leave feeling like they’ve just done a meditation retreat. Then there are all the points in between and the combinations!

This is why good communication between the therapist and their client (that’s you!) is key. Please never ever hesitate to speak up before, during, or after your massage about what you liked, didn’t like, need, want more of, noticed. Our therapists are highly intuitive in their work, but we’re not (necessarily) mind readers!

Therapeutic Massage

This is the mixed approach and it is OUR MOST POPULAR SERVICE!

Therapeutic Massage is what we call a traditional massage, because it can be a Swedish massage for relaxation (light to medium pressure) or a deep tissue massage (deep pressure) for pain relief OR a combination of both.

Our Licensed Massage Therapists tailor each session on an individual basis – based on what you need at that time.

Confused about what you need? Let us help you figure it out! And if you still don’t know the day of your appointment, our therapists are super intuitive and can freestyle, noticing what’s happening in your body/mind/spirit and figuring out what you need as they go along. Again, speak up if things aren’t working for you!

Relaxation – Swedish Massage (Light to Medium pressure)

Often referred to as a Swedish massage, this technique is what most people first think of when they are new to massage. It is designed to relax the entire body using long, gliding strokes to decrease muscle toxins, improve circulation, and ease tension.

This type of massage will definitely allow you to quiet your mind chatter, relax, and just feel GOOD in your body.

This is the perfect option for stress and anxiety. It’s also great if you’re feeling out of touch, scattered, overwhelmed, or not grounded in your body and your life.

Pain Relief – Deep Tissue Massage (Medium to Deep pressure)

Focusing on the knots found in the muscle tissue, this massage is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension and tightness.

Choose this option if you have been having a hard time sleeping, feeling sore all over, OR experiencing localized chronic pain not due to an acute injury. Chronic pain can be anything from a constant dull ache in the background to sharper, stabbing pains to burning sensations. Chronic pain is usually defined as lasting longer than 3 months.

Communication is a MUST for Deep Tissue and specifically focused types of work.

You can ask us to work on a specific issue and add in some time for relaxation massage. This is all about you. Just be clear.

And we may sound like a broken record, but that’s how important this is: While the therapist is working on you, we encourage you to guide us. If you need more pressure, speak up. (Give us a moment to get into the work. We spend some time exploring and getting to know what’s going on.) If you need us to go up or down, left or right, say that too.

Though the therapists at A Compassionate Hart have hands that “see,” everyone’s sense of their body and what’s going on is different. We can only know what you tell us.


Most people’s idea of massage is limited to front and back body. You’re either lying down on your tummy or on your back.

But we are 3 dimensional creatures and the way our muscles wrap around and cross over creates our strength and the complexity of our mobility.

And in massage, this is often missed and not taken advantage of therapeutically.

Positioning you comfortably on your side gives us access to spaces in the body that are often overlooked and are in extra need of some deep care.

If you’ve had issues that seem unresolvable, this could help, so don’t hesitate to ask for this full body, all around approach.