Brooke Bigelow, LMT

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Licensed Massage Therapist

Brooke Bigelow, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist (License #MSG014953)

Practicing Since 2021

Upon completion of her year-long massage education in 2021, Brooke promptly made the move from Ohio to Pennsylvania to fully begin her new career. Originally specializing in sports massage as she has always enjoyed athletics, she has since shifted her massage focus to a more well-rounded therapeutic practice that benefits all individuals, not just athletes. Brooke is currently continuing her education to specialize in headache/ migraine and Thai massage.

Brooke’s interest in massage first peaked through her (now nearly decade long) interpersonal relationship with Yoga. Being so dedicated to this practice, Brooke went as far as becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor, learning under a world renowned teacher. Brooke also has a certification in Holistic Health Coaching where she learned how to truly listen to the needs of clients. Using her various studies through Yoga; Health Coaching; and Massage, Brooke seeks to provide a thorough and balanced massage every time for every client!

Taking an interest in every aspect this Life has to offer, Brooke indulges in a variety of hobbies, including reading; writing; researching; hiking; cooking; yoga; anything she can do with her hands! As like the other therapists here, Brooke is an avid animal enthusiast, having one sweet Pit bull and 2 cats – one calico and one Maine Coon – as her household companions.

Elemental Association

Geminis are most closely associated with the element of Air, which wouldn’t be my first pick as it sounds like I’m an airhead, which is exactly the opposite of the qualities associated with Air. Air signs are all about action; ideas; and motion – the representation of energy expression.

Sun Sign

Geminis are known for their adaptability and intellectual curiosity, both of which i feel i embody well! this ability to adapt easily will definitely help with my transition to A Compassionate Hart:)


Favorite Playlist

When I say I listen to all genres of music, I truly mean it! I went to my first concert around the age of 3 and it was down home country! My music taste has evolved throughout the years but i enjoy anything. For massage purposes, usually lo-fi, indie rock or folk.