Lydia Shock, LMT

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Lydia Shock Licensed Massage Therapist

Lydia Shock, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist


Meet Lydia, our fresh face in the world of massage therapy! With a heart dedicated to easing pain and fostering relaxation, Lydia’s journey into this field was inspired by her grandfather’s battle with back pain. Witnessing how massage therapy transformed his life fueled her passion to share its benefits with others.

Trained at the esteemed Great Lakes Institute of Technology, Lydia combines learned techniques with a compassionate touch. Specializing in both relaxation and therapeutic massage, she’s your go-to guru for tackling back pain and unwinding knots of stress.

Whether you’re seeking relief from persistent back issues or simply craving some serious relaxation, Lydia’s got you covered. Get ready to bid adieu to discomfort and hello to bliss under her expert hands!