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Massage Therapy – You have 2 choices: Relax or Deep Tissue

1. Relax – Swedish Massage (Light to Medium pressure)

Often referred to as a Swedish massage, this technique is what most people first think of when they are new to massage. It is designed to relax the entire body using long, gliding strokes to decrease muscle toxins, improve circulation, and ease tension.

This type of massage will definitely allow you to quiet your mind chatter, relax, and feel GOOD in your body.

This is the perfect option for stress and anxiety. It’s also great if you’re feeling out of touch, scattered, overwhelmed, or not grounded in your body and your life.

2. Deep Tissue Massage (Medium to Deep pressure)

Want to relax, but you also need deeper and more focused work between the shoulder blades and into the neck (the most common area among our clients)? Then, this massage is for you! Using a combination of Swedish massage and Deep Tissue Massage – which runs from medium, firm to deep pressure – your Licensed Massage Therapist will work you head to toe, front and back. They’ll also leave time to dig into those focus areas (shoulder blades and neck). Please remember that no focused work is applied to any other areas. (If you are looking for specific deep work into your low back and other areas, check out our Integrative Massage to get the more experienced LMT for your session.) You’ll leave feeling refreshed and might experience a bit of soreness from the target work. (Let us know if this is common for you, and we can make some suggestions about how to alleviate it.)

Pro – Tip***

It is important to know and be aware that you are allowed and expected to communicate with your therapist at any time; while the therapist is working on you, we encourage you to guide us. If you need more pressure, speak up. (Give us a moment to get into the work. We spend some time exploring and getting to know what’s going on.) If you need us to go up or down, left or right, say that too.

Though the therapists at A Compassionate Hart have hands that “see,” everyone’s sense of their body and what’s going on is different. We can only know what you tell us.