Couples Massage

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Couples Massages

We still encourage you to book couples* massages (see below for how), but over the past year, we have learned that there are benefits to keeping each of you in your own room.

(*Not just for “couples,” but also friends, mother/daughter, etc.)

Massage therapy, in general, whether for relaxation, pain, or injury, is a very personal experience and a good massage is personalized in every way — from intensity, to talking or not talking, to sound, to scent. And no matter how much you adore the person you’re getting a massage with, I’m betting you each desire something a bit different in at least one of those categories.

Rather than compromising what each client wants and needs, we’ve decided, well, not to.

So go ahead and book for the same time and come in together! But there will be a wall between you so that you can each get exactly what you need and you can both leave totally happy.

AND NOTE: We do not advise “surprising” someone with these! If you do, please make sure that they are a willing participant.

To schedule this, you must call/text the office at 814-456-5833.

Please leave a message on the voicemail (if we don’t answer) with the date and/or time that you’re looking for. We will get back to you promptly.

Pricing for this service is as follows:
1 Hour Therapeutic Couples Massage $140
75 minute Therapeutic Couples Massage $170
90 minute Therapeutic Couples Massage $200