Canine Massage Education Sessions

Does your pup suffer from stress, anxiety, sore muscles or sore joints? Are you looking for a deeper way to bond with your pet?

Feeling helpless to do anything for your animals can be heart breaking. Through her own experiences with her dog Brewster, Heather is expanding and reaching out to those with pets.

Combining her love for dogs and her talent for Massage, Heather’s mission with these sessions is to provide you with confidence on how to touch and work with your pet.

In these sessions, Heather will work to give you a better understanding of the anatomy of the canine (bone structure and musculature). She will provide massage techniques for you to use specifically for you to help your pet!

As an added bonus, you get a purposeful and rewarding way to spend time with your pet that will only deepen your bond and love for each other <3

***These sessions are for educational purposes only and you should always consult with your vet on any medical conditions.

Bonding with your Dog – $50
In-home Appointments only – 45-60 minutes

Email Heather Hart at to set up an Appointment

Heather is now offering Pet Sitting as well!

From popping in to feed the cat and scratch them to staying the night with your pup, or having the pup stay at her house. She is excited to add this to her list of services for her clients! Call Heather Hart for a quote at 814-456-5833, or email her at