Melissa Hopkins, LMT

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Melissa Hopkins massaging a client.

Melissa Hopkins, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist (License #MSG014649)

Practicing Since 2022

Melissa was raised on a farm, and from that, she developed a strong work ethic and drive to get things done. She also fell in love with animals so she fits right in around here.

Melissa has taken a bit of a roundabout way to get to massage therapy, though that was always her passion. Even during high school, she knew that’s what she wanted to do. These slight detours make her the massage therapist she is now.

Because of funding and school options, she ended up in college studying to be a Physical Therapy Assistant. This grew her understanding of the human body, of course, and only confirmed for her that she really wanted to help people via manual bodywork. After finishing school, she worked at a personal care home for five years, furthering her skills and deepening her compassion for anyone suffering. Eventually the opportunity came for her to study massage therapy, and she did not hesitate.

When she’s not helping people to feel better with her work, she loves to crochet, create diamond paintings, and write. It’s important to her to keep her own creativity flowing.

Elemental Association

“I am a very “Go with the flow” kind of person. I usually take what comes my way and make the best of it. I love to learn new things and meet new people.”

Sun Sign

“I am an Aquarius, which honestly fits the bill quite nicely. Aquarians tend to have a unique view of the world and are always looking for ways to create a better future for themselves and society. I find myself following along these tracks. I look for the best in people and always want others to have the freedom to do what they want. I tend to give ideas to people that I feel may assist them in their life, but I ultimately leave final decisions to the individual and support them through it.”


Favorite Playlist

I enjoy music of all kinds and love when people introduce me to new artists and genres. Though, if you were to press shuffle on my music, you are most likely to land on a K-pop song. I have many genres that I listen to, but this is by far the most prevalent. My favorite artists would be B.A.P and BTS from this genre. Other bands I listen to include VoicePlay, Home Free, and Skillet, with many assorted songs from movie soundtracks.”

Get to know Melissa even better…

If you could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive, who would they be and what would you talk about? Where and what would you be eating?

“I suppose I would want to have dinner with my grandfather Archie, my other grandfather Lee, and Kim Namjoon. I would like to hear about their lives and how each of them found happiness in their varying situations. Archie was a chemist, Lee was a farmer, and Namjoon is a famous singer. I would want to have an old fashioned farmhouse dinner, probably eating spaghetti or chili, and we’d enjoy the evening swapping stories.”

If you could not be a massage therapist, what other job do you have DAY DREAMS of doing?

“I would probably be an author. I have so many stories running around in my head, and I would love to be able to write them down on paper into a cohesive tale.”

Melissa Hopkins smiling in front of a light purple wall and a painting of a dragonfly.