Integrative Massage and Bodywork By Heather

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Integrative Massage

Need deep and detailed work on areas other than your shoulder blades and the neck?
Our skilled Licensed Massage Therapists are specifically trained to go deeper into the low back, glutes, legs, feet, arms, and hands with these sessions. It takes some experience for massage therapists to master these areas, but once they do, you’ll be amazed when you experience this type of massage! Using advanced skills like trigger point therapy, myofascial release, medical massage techniques, and more, your therapist can work on your chronic pain issues and help you to get to know that area of your body. This is deep, very detailed work where communication is a must throughout the massage. If the Therapeutic Deep isn’t cutting it, you should try this! (And again, you may experience after-massage soreness after this work,
 but discuss this with your therapist. They have a lot of ways to help!)

Bodywork Sessions by Heather

You can relax on Heather’s table, but she’s there to do the in-depth work that people suffering from chronic pain, chronic anxiety and depression, stress, and mobility issues need.

After 19 years of being a massage therapist, Heather, the owner of A Compassionate Hart Massage Therapy, has experimented with and synthesized a wide variety of techniques, modalities, and skills.

Over these years, she’s only become more captivated by the human body. This fascination is the most special tool she brings to the massage table. It drives her to problem solve and discover. It pushes her to get more detailed… working in a way that makes your body the most pain-free, the most mobile, the most aging tolerant body you can have.

When you work with Heather, she will draw from her wide array of massage techniques to choose what is suitable for you that day, and she will use a variety of enriching techniques to help achieve your goals. She may, for example, use her energy working skills from her Master Reiki training, or she might even bring in some of her Shiatsu training, a barefoot massage technique in which Heather delivers deep, broad, consistent pressure while utilizing her feet and body weight. (It’s ah-mazing!)

Please note: Communication must take place throughout the entire massage as the two of you explore your body in a more in-depth way.

Licensed Massage Therapist Pain Specialist Heather Hart Ashiatsu back massage to client on table
Heather Hart performing massage therapy