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Reiki Energy Healing

Meet our Reiki Practitioner: Shannon Dunham

Shannon Dunham Reiki PractitionerI’m a mom to 2, ages 16 and 20, and a proud pet mom to 6 amazing creatures – 3 dogs, a captivating python, and 2 lovely chickens. My dream? To establish a small farm one day, embracing self-sufficiency. I’m all about natural living, firmly believing that Mother Nature provides all we need for healing. My heart lies in the art of healing, be it through energy healing like Reiki (God’s loving energy), herbal remedies, or the therapeutic solace of nature walks. It’s surprising how many folks miss out on the magic of the great outdoors.

My Reiki journey began in 2020, spurred by life’s hardships, a need to recover from pharmaceuticals, and the toll of bodybuilding on my health. Through this path, I’ve learned to heal myself, and I’m still on that empowering journey. I’m fueled by a passion for helping others discover their own healing potential and trust in Mother Nature’s medicinal gifts. As a psychic medium, I collaborate with spirit to intuitively identify areas in need of attention within the body. Occasionally, a departed loved one or spirit guide may share brief messages, if welcomed by the client. Comprehensive messages are a separate service, forthcoming in the future.

Now, what exactly is Reiki?

Founded by Dr. Mikao Usui, it’s a form of spiritual healing channeled from a higher source, whether you call it God or the universe. Reiki’s power lies in its ability to alleviate stress, anxiety, and accelerate the healing process for injuries and illnesses, among its many other benefits. It operates at a high-frequency vibration, flowing through the body and aura. I generally don’t perform hands-on Reiki unless it’s suggested by spirit and agreed upon by the client. Sometimes, we can enhance the healing experience with crystals and soothing sounds, all of which can be discussed during your appointment.