Rebecca Kuzminski, LMT

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Rebecca Kuzminski Licensed Therapist

Rebecca Kuzminski, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Practicing Since 2019

Rebecca Kuzminski has been a professional massage therapist since graduating from Great Lakes Institute of Technology in 2019. Rebecca is a passionate healer with multiple therapeutic approaches. She is dedicated to helping clients move through a wide range of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transitions in the most effective and transformative way possible. Rebecca’s treatments are specifically tailored to each client to ensure they receive the service that works best for them. Services include: Relaxation, Deep Tissue, or Therapeutic Massage including focus work; Reiki; 16 hours of Manual lymphatic Drainage; and level I Table Thai techniques incorporating Range of Motion (into the sessions if needed). She is the owner operator of Karuna Healing Hands based out of Warren, PA and is joining the team at Compassionate Hart to stay engaged in the professional community of massage therapists, and learn more about the art of massage from diverse clients.

Rebecca is committed to continuing her education and developing her own unique healing techniques as a Reiki Level III Practitioner and LMT. Her specialty is combining Reiki and massage modalities during a session. This holistic method uses life force energy to align the body while cleansing the aura and chakras, allowing Reiki energy to flow naturally. As a result, life force energy knows where to go. Rebecca uses muscle manipulation to resolve trouble areas for comprehensive relaxation and healing. This type of service may or may not be deep work without actual pressure. Reiki is gentle touch to non-touch. Every client and session is different each time; some experience seeing colors, images, energy frequencies (waves), heat sensation, coolness, deep relaxation, pressure, and release. There have been cases where more sessions are needed, depending on the client. Sometimes hindering past trauma may be beneficial after a Reiki session, as this is part of your healing process and journey. Reiki is also non-religious. After the Reiki portion, the muscles’ manipulation may also be a gentle massage or deep focus work. Giving the healing and Reiki energy to still flow in the troubled areas for a transformative release.

Part of her journey of personal healing from trauma and grief led her to learn about Reiki. A desire to improve herself gave her the motivation to complete her GED (after dropping out of high school) and then drive three hours every day for nine months to earn her LMT certificate. Massage school taught her that she was able to help heal herself and strengthen her self-love by helping others to heal and love themselves. She ultimately discovered herself as a therapeutic healer, determined to understand each client’s unique situation and tune her intuition to their needs.